Sector 3

Marina Romea – Comacchio

km 42


An area with a number of different landscapes; coastal forests, the Lamone and Reno’s riverbanks and the Comacchio Valleys in their entire span. An exploration of the most beautiful and composite nature that the plains of Romagna can offer, which end in Comacchio. Here the ancient traditions of eel fishing and management of land and sea are still performed, having been kept alive since Roman times.


not to be missed

San Vitale’s Pinewood

The widest and most ancient part of Ravenna’s pine forests. While exploring it, it is easy to meet and cycle alongside wild horses.

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Guiccioli’s Farm

Historical site related to Garibaldi’s life, now a museum which houses stories and artefacts linked with the stay of Garibaldi in Romagna.

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Embankment of the Angels

A tongue of land winding through the Valleys, an extraordinary opportunity to immerse oneself in nature in a unique environmental setting.

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Casone Donnabona

The ancient fishing or hunting stations scattered around the lagoons, which look like they are suspended between water and sky.

Strada Canale Pega, Comacchio

Il Bettolino di Foce

A restaurant in an old fishing house in the Valley’s heart, where eels and marinated foods can be eaten.

Stazione Foce, Comacchio

Ponte dei Trepponti

Ancient bridge and fortified door of Comacchio, an aerial crossroads of the 4 town canals.

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