Sector 2

Ravenna – Marina Romea

km 25


The route leads from Ravenna to the coast, where it runs along the sea and across the coastal pine forests. Natural beaches and coastal dunes alternate with beaches equipped with lounging areas. Coming up to the sea are also the “piallasse” Piomboni and Baiona, lagoons of great naturalistic interest, originally designed to direct the area’s water turnover system.


not to be missed

Ravenna’s Coastal Pinewood

Ancient pine forests which spread along the whole coast, ideal sites for sports, relaxation and easy immersion in nature.

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Coastal Dunes

The knotted sand strings shaped by the wind are a peculiar landscape and important biotopes, which host a number of rare vegetable species.

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Piallassa Baiona

A suggestive lagoon with wide and open bodies of water. Here many species of avifauna rest and nest during the year.

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