Sector 5

Porto Tolle – Chioggia

km 65


In between the rivers Po and Adige, the route goes along wide water planes, their untamed beauty alternated with human ingenuity, such as the pumping stations and the fishing valleys. Areas still untamed and wild are connected by riverbanks and dune strings. In this area humans and nature are still engaged in a lively dialogue; it is ready to be explored metre after metre, discovering memorable landscapes. The route ends in Chioggia, where in 1438 the first shipyard in history was founded.


not to be missed

Po di Maistra

IThe “kingdom” of the wildest and most uncontaminated branch of the Delta, with a strategically placed welcoming point.

Rifugio, Boccasette

Delta Po Veneto’s Valleys

A brackish area limited by artificial barriers for the capture and the rearing of fish.

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Bike path and river Adige’s outlet

The end of the bike route starting from Verona.

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Chioggia, Old Town

The “Small Venice”, with alleys, bridges, and canals crossed by the traditional “bragozzi”.

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