Cervia Bike Tourism

Bicycle and holidays are at home in Cervia

By bike you can discover natural areas, historical places of great beauty and local typicity.
You can also train on the Ironman tracks, using a network of secondary roads with little traffic.
This area offers a great geographical diversity and a mild climate that allows you to cycle all year round.
We propose routes of different lengths and for all types of bikes, from the sporty to the off-road.

Great natural itineraries
Cervia is in a fortunate position at the entrance of the Po Delta Park.
The network of routes in the natural areas of the Park is extensive and allows you to enjoy spectacular landscapes without stress and technical difficulties. Cervia is a city by the sea and at the same time a paradise for mountain bikes, trekking bikes and gravel bikes.
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Panoramas and speed
A network of secondary and quiet roads that lead from the sea to the hills in a few kilometres: this is the ideal playground for racing bikes. An area to be discovered at your own pace between ups and downs, where sport cyclists “try their legs” and where tourist cyclists appreciate unexpected views and local delicacies.
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City trails
Discovering the treasures of Cervia by bike helps to protect the environment. The routes on cycle tracks and dirt roads unite the salt flats, the pine forests of Milano Marittima and Pinarella and the historical and thematic points.
With safety and comfort because here everything is flat.
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A ring route on mixed routes, from the coast to the hills, through panoramas and characteristic areas of Romagna.
You leave the Riviera to reach the particular rocky ridge of the spungone of marine origin that crosses the hills of Romagna from Bertinoro to Faenza. Among medieval villages, castles and fortresses, spas and oeno-gastronomic establishments, you will discover the real and authentic culture and history of the two towns of Cesena and Faenza.

km: 133,5 km
altitude difference: 2230 mt
road surface: paths, small roads, asphalt, cycle paths
recommended bikes: mountain bike, trekking bike, gravel bike


From Cervia and its saltpans, the producer of the famous salt, you cycle along a path that follows the banks of the river Savio. If you follow the river bends, you will reach the centre of the town of Cesena, famous for the Malatesta Library, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A short climb leads to the medieval village of Bertinoro, a balcony from which you can see the whole Romagna coast.

km: 45
difference: 350 mt

A short trip to the land of Spungone: the fortresses of Bertinoro, Meldola, Predappio and Castrocaro Terme alternate between the valleys, showing their historical and artistic beauty. Along the way, the cultivated hills offer a quiet but uncontaminated nature, rich in biodiversity and delicacies of the Romagna gastronomic and wine tradition.
Learn more about Romagna dello Spungone

km: 48,2 km
difference: 1240 mt

Green winding path through gentle up and down. The woods alternate with paths along the rivers, sloping cultivated fields, orchards and vineyards. A quiet and relaxing landscape, although only a few kilometres from the old consular road Emilia. At the end of the route it is worth stopping to visit the International Museum of Faenza, one of the most important in the region..

km: 39 km
difference: 640 mt

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