Sector 1

Cervia – Ravenna

km 25


The first part of the “Rotta del Sole” starts under the shadows of Cervia and Classe’s pine forests, going through the areas of the river Bevano’s outlet, between the natural reserves of Ortazzo and Ortazzino. This is the wildest seaside area with the most biodiversity in the high Adriatic. At the end of Classe’s pine forest, the cathedral of Sant’Apollinare is the magical first look at Ravenna, world capital of the mosaic.


not to be missed

Salt Storage Rooms

Along with the nearby Tower of San Michele, the storage rooms are witness to the life and economy of the ancient Salt City.

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Cervia’s Pinewood

Part of Ravenna’s pine forests, it is Cervia’s green lung, sprawling for 210 hectars.

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Bevano’s Outlet – Cubo Magico

The Reserve’s Visitors Centre is situated at the beginning of the wild outlet of the river Bevano.

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Classe’s Pinewood

Big pine forest with 80 km of paths running inside it.

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Classe’s Sant’Apollinare’s Cathedral

One of the most important paleo-Christian cathedrals in the world, with great polychromatic mosaics in the apse.

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