Sector 4

Comacchio – Porto Tolle

km 94

After crossing the Volano and Gran Bosco della Mesola oasis, the river Po crosses Goro. Goro is a fishing town, close to the outlet of one of the primary river branches. The river course can be crossed by the historical bridges made of aligned boats, a tradition of the area. A similar town is Scardovari, where the same clams are fished as in Goro. From the route surrounding the lagoon, big and small boats equipped for exactly that can be seen in the marinas.

not to be missed

Porto Garibaldi

An old fishing town where in 1849 Garibaldi hid, while being hunted by the Austrians.

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Po’s outlet in Volano

A short but wild part of the route, running along embankments overlooking the sea.

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Gran Bosco della Mesola

A remnant of the ancient Adriatic forests still populated by a colony of stags and fallow deer.

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Vongola di Goro

Goro’s bay is the ideal habitat for many types of fish and molluscs, especially clams and mussels.

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Ponti di barche del Delta Po

Crossing built with big boats that hold the carriageway, swinging between ropes and rushes.


Oasi di Cà Mello

A fresh water swamp surrounded by greenery, which hosts a luxuriant and rare flora.

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Sacca degli Scardovari

The biggest lagoon in the Delta Po, where every corner is the perfect place for a photograph.

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