Rotta del Sale Bike Trail

Cervia – Venezia offroad

“Rotta del Sale” Bike Trail is a 306 km off-road bike trail, starting from Cervia and finishing in Venezia and crossing the Parco Delta Po in Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

The trail runs along the historical “NAUTICAL ROUTE OF SALT”, which has been used for centuries by boats carrying salt from Cervia’s salt pans to Venice. The cycle touring trail crosses a number of famous natural reserves:

Pinete Ravennati

Foce Bevano
Valli di Comacchio
Oasi di Volano
Bosco della Mesola
Valli del Delta Veneto
Laguna di Venezia


It also runs by the cities of Ravenna, Comacchio and Chioggia, before stopping in Venice with a final section on both bike and boat, between Pellestrina and Lido di Venezia.

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306 – flat elevation


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