Sector 6

Chioggia – Venezia

km 44
(navigation 10 km)


Whether merchants or explorers, for centuries Venice has been the dream of every traveller. The last part of the route is a mixed experience; completed by bike and boat, while constantly immersed in the lagoon of Venice’s landscape. The arrival in the Serenissima has an ancient flavour, with the slow rhythms of the waters intersected by ferry rides through the islands Pellestrina and Lido.


not to be missed

Murazzi of Caroman

A big Istria stone dam used to protect Venice’s lagoon from the sea.

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Venezia’s lagoon

A sprawling body of water and one of the longest sandbars of the Mediterranean.

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Lagoon’s cycling path

To cycle next to the water and enjoy Venezia’s skyline.

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Alberoni dam and lighthouse

A spit of land, about 450 metres long, that ends at the open sea.


An incredibly ancient seaside town, where the first settlers of Venice settled.

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Lido di Venezia

A historical beach club, with Liberty Style architecture.

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