Relaxed cycling in front of the wonderful scenery of nature
The Po Delta, a humid environment unique in Europe where hundreds of birds including herons and pink flamingos live and nest, where land and water alternate breath-taking views and great silence, where wild horses and deer run in the pine forests and where unique gastronomic specialties offer unforgettable flavours.

The Rotta del Sale bike Experience is stress free because it allows you to travel this territory by bike in a group with the guide but respecting your times and your spaces, the basic services are organized making the route easier and safer thanks also to mechanical assistance and it gives you the chance to live a unique experience between nature and history.
Group guided trip for MTB, e-bike, Gravel, Trekking bike – 278 kms in 4 stages

TOUR: departure from Cervia to Comacchio, through the ancient pine wood and the large valley 98 kms from Comacchio to Porto Tolle, biking along the beach and between small fishing ports 73 kms from Porto Tolle to Chioggia, an endless turnover of sea and land 65 kms from Chioggia to Venezia, along narrows tongue of land n the middle of the sea 42 kms


The event is organized by CERVIA TURISMO in collaboration with the sports agency of Bolzano Bike & More